Who We Are?

Our company is specialized in supplying and exporting of kinds of paper products printing services.We are a factory who was founded in 2005,is a book printing leader in the modem enterprises.A company is engaged in commercial printing.It is designated supplier by ShenZhen municipal goverment procurement.And itis the one of the most competitive manufactures. We do variety of paper printings,e.g. books magazines,catalogues,brochures,calendars,greeting cards,paper packaging boxes,business card,sticker,kids books,novels,comic books etc.

Our customers come from all over the world and they are in different business areas,e.g.restaurant,manufacturer and educational organization,author,publisher,furniture maker etc.

Looking forward to establishing successful business relationships with new clients from all around the world in the near future with our competitive price,nice quality and good services.

At CBM print we provide with high quality,cost effective printing for when you need it ,our aim has always been to build long term customer relationships by listening to ,understanding and meet our customers needs.

Our Skills

Book Printing 95%
Brochure Printing 80%
Box Packaging 90%
Catalog Printing 80%
Other Printing 85%

Production Process

  • 1. Digital sample  
    2. Imposition,Printing Down,PS plate 
    3. Printing 
    4. Post-processing 
    5. Quality Control 

    Post-press technology
    1、Binding(perfect binding、sewing binding、case bound、saddle stitching、glue binding) 
    2、Folder(two flolded, three flolded , four flolded , five flolded etc) 
    3、Lamination(glossy,matt),Varnishing,(spot,throughout)Uv coating(spot,throughout)
    4、Diecutting(right angles、round)、Heteromorphism diecutting、Foil stamping(gold、slilver)、Embossing 
    5、Pasting(envelope、shopping bag、box packaging、hardcover book、paper box) 

    The printing cost calculation
    The printing cost calculation can be divided into three parts,The sum of three parts is the printing price 
    Film and proofing is calculated on each Page.A4 (210 x 210 ㎜)is the valuation standard from design, film, proof, printing, imposing generally . Such as folding, which is calculated by trim size. proofing is the most fundamental basis for color checking . 

    Printing is the key to the finished products. Valuation standard is color. Namely each color ,each ream of paper. If pantone color ,like gold printing ,silver printing,So four colors will increase to 5colors ,6 colors,Please note and make sure price right 

    Processing work after completion of printing

    Please note the binding( saddle stitching or glue binding), Folding(How many folers),Finishing(lamination or UV ,diecutting, stamping ,embossing,packing ) 

    ①Printing knowledge

    Printing is one of the four great inventions in ancient China. Printing industry needs to be very professional in all ages.However, The modern printing industry with advanced printing equipment, which seems to lower down the threshold of the printing industry. But printing is high technology industry, To do well still needs efforts,It is a complex systems engineering.

    Printing mainly can be divided into offset printing, screen printing, flexo printing, gravure printing these four categories. 
    Offset Printing: The books we usually see, such as brochures, posters, catalogues .Printing is done via film, PS plates 
    Screen printing:A printing method that uses a porous material as the stencil. Mesh from 80 to 500 .The printing quality is directly related to mesh plate making

    Flexo printing and gravure printing: Mainly used for printing plastic products,Currently these two ways are on the market for plate making of plastic products printing,Plate making is excellent ornot which directly affects the printing quality.

    With the development of high-technology , The digital printing or digital printing business, which isused under 500 sheets , no film plate making.It is fast, simple and convenient, which meets  immediate needs of modern business

    Film:The plastic is used in plate making,which is called film. 
    Magnanimous paper:size 889×1194mm
    Degree paper:size 787×1092mm 
    Lamination:Lamination on one side to protect the quality,water-proof.They are gloss laiantion and matt lamination

    • Varnish:varnish on one side or both sides to protect the color
    • UV:Make products have special effects, layering feeling.Spot Uv or throughout UV
    • Diecutting:Processed into the required shape. 
      Embossing or Debossing:Letters or images have spot  three dimensional 
      Pasting:Two or more than two papers mounted together

    ② Why printing quotation needs so much work? Paper ,color ,size ? 
    Customers make budget of product promotion. They will be eager to know the cost of printing.So it is important to know of some necessary printing knowledge, to select printing cooperation manufacturer, to master printing quotation,to save time .In general, The more printing common sense you understand,The more details you could express, The more accurate our offer will be made. 

    ③ Production time 
    Delivery time depends on the printing order requirement. Production time commonly consists of sample and processing time. Clients confirm the proof tjhat needs 7 days, including sample making ,delivery. Post-press processing is more complex (such as film, binding, die-cutting, UV, lamination, stamping, etc.), It needs much time, usually more than 4 working days. The old customers can enjoy preferential service like rush for free charge.

    ④ Artworks issues 
    A、Please confirm that the artworks provided are complete. Sometimes although images can be displayed, but actually lack of figure or low resolution, The resolution is not less than 300 pixels / inch. Below  300 pixels images, which directly affects the  printing quality 
    B、Fonts of files need curve. To make sure fonts could be displayed and inputted to avoid unnecessary waste of time, to facilitate the next step smoothly
    C、Please make the RGB to CMYK,Otherwise the color can not reach the expected effect of printing 
    D、PANTONE is one of the special ink printing. In the process of graphics design,please confirm the color.It will be the same if PANTONE converted to CYMK.There is some difference between them.Some PANTONE transferred to CYMK,Same effect could be reached. But CYMK could not be the same as Pantone Color 
    E、Double scanning images, haploid output, which can improve the quality of image scanning 
    F、Please check artwork with 3mm bleeding and the trim size. Whether the colors are set up according to the color values  
    G、Sample is the most valuable reference. Please provide white and black or painted sample to check printing if without digital sample 

    ⑤ Film proofing, digital proof ,printing, computer screen color difference 

    A、Film proofing is the closest to the finished product.Digital sample and computer screen has difference from finished product.Proofing is the only standard in the process of printing
    B、Cyan, magenta,yellow,black.Four color ink printed on paper into a color image, called CMYK,It is widely used in four-color offset printing technology 
    C、Strictly speaking,Proofing paper should be consistent with the final order used paper,Because the thickness of paper, different brightness will affect the printing effect 

    ⑥ What is fashion craft? 
    It means advanced printing technology and effect,including thoughout UV,spot UV、wrinkle、foaming、polish etc

Our Mission


   • Honesty, punctuality, quality, management of international leading
   • China printing one of the best quality
   • One of the printing enterprise in China with the highest customer satisfaction
   • China's printing industry one of the most popular enterprise tax
   • China's top 500 enterprises
   • The customer feedback process monitoring for 1 hour

How We Work

  • Order
  • Product Plan
  • Printing

Each order from CBM will be dealt with by OSR model.CBM customers can enjoy nearly live monitoring of order tracking service. Most enterprise is unable to provide such an important service.Every order CBM will give a progress report on a daily basis.Let the customer know clearly the production progress of the goods.

According to the customer's production requirements,CBM provides customer with a variety of professional solution plans.At the same time we can also offer production time according to customer requirements.Complete production volume in time.Satisfy customer with maximum regarding of transport of goods, leading time, quantity.

CBM uses international latest printing equipment.Guarantee the quality of all printing products that meet international standards and low rejection rate in the production, At the same while, CBM can meet customer' strict requirements in production of all kinds of printing products.


Our Main Products

Company Notice

Book Printing

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Story Book

Magazine Printing

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Goods Package

Box Packaging

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Gift Box

Box Packaging

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