1. More than 1 billion volumes of books and periodicals printed each year globally

According to the survey(CGPR) of CBM Print on the international market.Although it has entered into the information age in the world, more and more paper printed material is replaced by electronic books or other electronic products,the global printing quality has always maintained a rising trend.Every year, more and more companies or individuals still have paper material printed for directional promotion. visibly printing still has those characteristics that electronic publications cannot replace.CGPR displays, such as company catalogues, brochures, customer feedback cards, personal biography and other kinds of books, which are still important printing projects for people.Through random investigation, At the same time,Considering electronic products in safety, health problems, storage,People have more confidence on paper products.

As per data mining of the global printing industry information ,years of experience and feedback from customers.CBM Print creates OSR business model. OSR namely (ORDER, SERVICE, REPORT) is a trinity and customer oriented innovation model. Every customer can get more books printing solutions in CBM Print, no matter what customers have a design idea or plan. CBM Print will provide operable combinations according to the customer's plan.Let customers all imagination can be implemented mostly. At the same time, upon confirmation of production until the goods delivery. A progress report will be sent to customer every day.Make sure customer possibly could know every step of the order.

2.The printing dimension deviation less than or equal to1 mm(The error can not be distinguished by human eye)


As picture shows,CBM Print has strict demanding production standard for each printing project.Among most printing products, Printing baseline is not up to standard, Asymmetry of Typesetting, 3mm error in the industry .These printing defects caused by improper operation of printing equipment and printed material in mass production. Although there is no big problem for using, the potential damage to end customer is inevitable.When the end customer reading publication.It is not hard to imagine, the potential visual problem is a long-term harm to human body health, CBM Print can't stand it.

Based on printing industry, CBM Print refresh 1 mm error to solve more than 90% recessive visual harm . To maximum extent to ensure clients and terminal customers greatest demand for the product itself and human health. Printing services provided by the CBM is not just printing on paper, but also involves multiple areas for comprehensive considerations, including printing, human body engineering, visual protection application science, environmental science and others. Based on the understanding and application of these ,CBM Print is committed to providing customers with the most valuable printing products

3. Color management accuracy by high performance central computer
CBM Print uses the latest printing color control system to make sure micron grade and uniformity of ink drops. Such control terminal is widely used in commercial business, chemical industry,military industry and printing industry,which has a higher industry norm ,meets the demanding requirement of quality of printed matters from big customer.

4. To implement tracking production and send the report every day
CBM Print adopts OSR business model and takes the lead in the industry to provide tracking service. Customers will receive a progress report in mass production every day, which makes customers to know production status of their products and other services.

5. More than 10 years experience in printing projects and set a variety of printing solutions
CBM Print currently has 30 people with more than 10 years printing professional skills abd has completed printing projects more than 50000, including books printing, publications, catalgoues printing,brochures printing,magazines printing and so on.
CBM Print's biggest advantage is that maximum understing needs from customers and can give customers the most appropriate advices in the market situation.