If a commodity can have a good sales performance ,which must pass the market test. During the entire process of marketing.Box Packaging occupies an extremely important role.It uses its own figurative language to communicate with consumers,to affect consumers' first mood.Consumer is interested in its packaging at first sight.It can promote success and can also lead to failure.Consumers will past unimpressive packaging without interest.With the continuous development and improvement of market economy in our country,Consumers have become more mature and rational.Market gradually revealed the characteristics of "buyer's market",This not only increases the difficulty in the product marketing,at the same time it also makes packaging design to encounter unprecedented challenges,Drive product packaging to grasp the public's consumption psychology.Towards a more scientific, high level the direction Packaging becomes the main behavior of actual business activities. It has close relationship with consumers psychological activities Inevitably.As a packaging designer will be caught in a blind if you do not understand consumer psychology .How to attract the attention of consumers and how to further stimulate their interest, to induce them to take the final purchase behavior.This must be involved knowledge of consumer psychology.Therefore, the study of consumers' consumption psychology and change is an important part of packaging design.Only grasp and usage of consumer psychology rule reasonably can improve the design quality effectively.At the same time ,raise the commercial value and improving the efficiency of sales.

Consumption psychology research shows that consumers has a complex psychological activity in the purchase of goods.However, the age, gender,job, nation, cultural level, social environment and differences of many other aspects ,which is divided into a number of different consumer groups and different characteristics.According to the China social survey office(SSIC)In recent years, survey results of consumer psychology ,in general consumer psychological characteristics can be summarized as the following:

1. objectivity psychology

 Practical psychology is the main characteristic when most of the consumers are in the process of consumption, They think the actual effect is the most important, Hope to use conveniently, cheap and fine goods, and do not deliberately pursue beautiful appearance and novel style.  Realistic consumption groups are mainly mature consumers, working-class, housewives, and the elderly consumer groups

2. Beauty psychology

Consumers commonly seek beauty who has certain economic capacity , and pay attention to the modelling of goods itself ,external packaging, and artistic value of goods. Beauty psychology groups are mainly young people, intellectuals.and proportion of women in these groups as high as 75.3% In terms of product category, jewelry, cosmetics, clothing, crafts and gifts packaging need to be paid more attention to the performance of the aesthetic value of psychology

3. Novelty psychology

 Dissimilation psychology of consumer groups are mainly young people under  age of 35. They think goods packaging design is very important.Exquisite novelty, unique, individual character, which requires the modelling of packing, color, graphics more fashion. usage value of the goods and the price are not very important.In this consumer groups,  a considerable proportion of the underage children.Sometimes packaging of the products is more important than product itself.This consumer groups can not be ignored.The packaging design should highlight the characteristics of "novelty", to meet their new and psychological needs。

4、Herd behaviour

Herd mentality consumers will cater to popular culture or celebrity style.This kind of consumer groups span larger age levels,because of various media promote fashion and celebrities to form this kind of psychological behavior. Therefore, packaging design should grasp the popular trend or launch directly customers' favorite products spokesperson, enhancing confidence in goods.

5. Brand psychology

No matter which kind of consumer groups ,they have certain brand psychology .Attach great importance to the commodity brand and have a sense of trust and loyalty to well-known brands. If economic conditions allows, They buy the goods in spite of the high price. Therefore, the packaging design to establish a good brand is the key to the success of product sales.br>
In short, consumer psychology is complex, People also can not keep a kind of orientation few long time, In most cases, they have two or more psychological requirements. Pursuit of the diversity of psychology prompts the diversification of product packaging