1. Selection the book familiar with the life experience

Such as people, objects and surroundings, the life activities, which children can see in the book with life experience, get deep impression

2. Select the book with simple illustrations, to avoid interference of background

Children mainly read books illustrations. If there are some unnecessary interspersion in the the pictures, It will confuse vision and audition of the children. The complex is not equal to the rich, simple also is not equal to crude . With the appropriate figure, expressing the proper meaning, which is a good illustration

3. Use clearly natural way of speaking

  Don't think children like adults repeat what they speak. They said themselves:“Baby is afraid ”, are restricted by the language and thought.It doesn't mean they don't like you said:“Baby is afraid in mind”

4. Interested story

  For children ,reading is a kind of game, a game to learn, also will be fun. We should pay attention to the interesting book when choosing books The opportunity to participation and interaction Book is read by people. It affects people’ minds,so the book is interactive with people. Some of the contents of book need reader to get involved to answer questions, to talk to the person in the book. Children read such books with high interest .