For several weeks, occupying the first in the list of British non-fiction hardcover books, is a Chinese recipe book. The author of the book, however, who is not a real cook.He explains "if looked as a chef, I am embarrassed to death".

Gok Wan (according to the introduction of YanZhenYu ,European times ,the British version deputy editor said Gok Wan's Chinese name is WenGuoXing), Many people think of the host that teaches people How to dress and then takes off in the last for the stunt show Good figure, (How to Look Good Naked) program.  

In recent years, WenGuoXing probably has the most times of presence from China on British television. Since 2006, British TV channel 4 aired these series of dress reality show, He has presided over kinds of fashion show  ,also published several dress guide books.

However,These are his line. His latest TV show( Gok teach you to do Chinese food )(Gok Cooks Chinese) has moved to a new field: TV cooking.From the quantity of cookbooks selling with the same name as the TV show, this is very popular like his other program .Since the book published in May, to enter the rankings, weekly sales are about 10000 copies